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Hi! I'm Dairen!

I was that kid that got in trouble for drawing on the walls with crayons and paint. Fast forward twenty years, and I am a college dropout still drawing on walls until a co-worker approached me on a job site and suggested I find a way to use my talents. Inspired and curiosity, I went back to school and became a graphic designer.

Shortly after college, I taught myself how to code by reading online tutorials and reverse engineering popular websites. And opportunities started presenting themselves one after another. It has been a fantastic adventure filled with memorable experiences and meeting wonderful people.

I am at my best when I am helping others succeed, and when I understood that my designs changed people’s potential, I knew user experience was an area I wanted to continue focusing on. I want to work with companies where I can blend my creative skills with my user experience skills.

I invite you to get to know me. Let’s chat over a virtual coffee.

Here are some of my Designs from over the years.

The Walling Off Group (Thomas Kane)

The Walling Off Group

Creative Brand Development

Synergize HR UX Website Design

Synergize HR

Clean Website Design

Concept Art for ADHD Center

Nova Center

Print Design

Carolina Pediatric Therapy UX Responsive Design

Carolina Pediatric Therapy

Responsive Website Design (UX)

Reach Kids WordPress Development

Reach Kids

Front End Development

Terra Pritchard Mental Health Website Design

Terra Pritchard

Mental Health Counseling

ACA Pride Stands Together Against Diabetes

ACA Pride

Classmates Together Against Diabetes

Eazy Auto Spa Brand and Logo

Eazy Auto Spa

Brand Van Wrap

Gardens for Living

Gardens for Living

Asheville Landscaping Website Design

Autism Awareness Avery Splunky Kid

Autism Awareness

Shirt Design

Andrew Reed Music Label

As A Bird of The Air

Andrew Reed Music Label



Create for Every Medium

Synergize HR - Career Coach

Synergize HR

Logo Design

Concept Book Cover Artwork


Life Changing Therapists

Falcon Rental UX Design

Falcon Rentals

Website Design

Mama Bee UX Website Design

Mama Bee

Organic Foods