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The brief was straight-forward enough — to connect a team of pediatric therapists spread over 422 linear miles. This is the story of how I made a positive difference to everyday life at Carolina Pediatric Therapy.

These designs are a reinterpretation of the original.


Carolina Pediatric Therapy (CPT) provides rehabilitation services with a multidisciplinary pediatric healthcare team for the surrounding communities of Western North Carolina.

The company has a team of over eighty community healthcare therapists. Two-thirds of them are mobile, 87% of their time serving out-patients, in-home, in-community, as well as in-clinic for children of all ages. The team struggled to maintain communications and resources for the therapists on the road.

The company needed a solution to solve multiple essential challenges, such as networking, collaboration, therapeutic educational materials, and culture. The platform needed to allow professionals to communicate within a HIPPA compliant system while sharing resources.


I was responsible for the visual design and experience strategy of the office intranet. I produced all the deliverables and presenting these to the stakeholders. My goal was to work alongside an engineer for custom features and functionality with a mobile-first approach.

Carolina Pediatric Therapy Intranet Mobile Mockups
Carolina Pediatric Therapy Intranet Web Mockups


My earlier goals were to gather as much information about the people using the system daily, the therapists. When I had my list of questions for research and discovery interviews, I ran into barriers to conducting one-on-one interviews. Such as therapist availability. Luckily, I was fortunate to have access to the clinics’ team, so I managed interviews while walking and talking between patient visits over extended periods.

Carolina Pediatric Therapy Intranet Persona Nina
Carolina Pediatric Therapy Intranet Persona Corina
Carolina Pediatric Therapy Intranet Persona Maria
Carolina Pediatric Therapy Intranet Persona Courtney

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An intranet is a network for sharing information, collaboration tools, operational systems, and other computing services. An intranet fit the scope of the project and received the green light.

Did the solution already exist, and is it available as an out-of-the-box solution? I came across many companies offering custom design/builds like DataBridge, which uses SharePoint, a team collaboration software tool by Microsoft. The team shared promising features and capabilities.

The search continued to reveal out-of-the-box solutions — Simpplr an enterprise intranet solution built on the Salesforce ecosystem. The UI was simple, modern, and intuitive. A winning combination. We would be able to have the team up and running in a matter of days versus weeks or months with a design/build solution.

I presented three solutions to the stakeholders, custom build, out-of-the-box, and WordPress, where I shared examples of WordPress systems used as an Internet. Stakeholders discussed the options and favored WordPress as a favorable solution.


I started by conducting a user research study to uncover user pain points by surveying five healthcare therapists. I then continued to meet with over 12 therapists and administration (including stakeholders) throughout this project to keep the user my main focal point and receive feedback throughout the project’s life.

Sitemap UserFlow

After initial sketches, I moved into low-fidelity. At this time, I shared my work with the stakeholders and therapists to allow questions, concerns, suggestions, and decide how they wanted to split up the gathering data for the system to hold.


Therapists and admin warmly received the system design that has positively impacted the clinicians’ daily interaction. Focusing on a user-centered approach has been a rewarding and humbling experience, and I wish there was more time to invest in this project to continue to change the team’s overall potential.


Redesign pediatric website to incorporate new virtual health services resulting after stay-home orders from coronavirus pandemic.

Project Overview