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March 2020, the United States is gripped by the coronavirus (Covid-19). The state of North Carolina issues a Shelter-and-Stay order. This is my story of empowering healthcare professionals to provide care for their clients.


Carolina Pediatric Therapy is a multidisciplinary cross-functional team of therapists providing pediatric rehabilitation therapy in-home, in-clinic, in-school care.

Families begin canceling in-person visits for fears of spreading Covid-19. Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) – Medicaid – approves Telehealth services. Commercial insurance providers follow. Allowing healthcare providers to treat through alternative means; phone calls and video conferencing. Zoom to virtual therapy.

Time to update the website with the new virtual therapy services. One problem, an earlier version of the website has a failing backend, making updates challenging. The solution, rebuild the website and, while under the hood, provide a facelift redesign. Timeline, two weeks.


This project took place between March 2020 and May 2020. As a contract visual experience designer, I worked on this project solo, producing all major deliverables and presentions with stakeholders.

The urgency of the project did not allow for a lengthy research period. Managing my time appropriately, I focused on available resources like Nielsen Norman Group articles to ideate sketches and wireframes. I was able to use stakeholder feedback and findings to structure the interface design.


Partnering with Zoom to bring hundreds of patients therapy services proved to be a good fit. All systems have their kinks, but Zoom pushed hard to meet the demand placed on them by the world. Zoom allows some customization to their portals, allowing me the ability to carry over company branding.


I discovered a barrier that prevented or prolonged first contact with patient families. No. 1 FAQ, “What insurances do you accept?” Curious, I created a bar above the fold listing popular insurance providers to see if this would remove this particular barrier for patient families. My validation window was short; however, inquires for this subject ended immediately with online interactions.


The redesign of Carolina Pediatric Therapy’s website has positively impacted the clinicians and patient families. Previous experience with CPT and customer demographic allowed me a unique empathic perspective into the target audience. I am humbled to think of how much design and technology can impact careers and patient lives.


Designing an easy to use system for pediatric practice to facilitate training materials, team building, networking, and communications.

Project Overview